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Aluso has been dedicated to aluminum profile technology for more than 15 years and has thus become an experienced and reliable partner for the industry. The company always keeps an eye on the future and has recognized that aluminum profiles have also become indispensable in new, innovative industrial areas.
Aluso is the competent contact for all customers in the furniture, construction, automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.

In the case of Aluso, the future orientation can also be seen from the company’s international orientation. The Berlin company has its own pressing plant in Turkey, including quality assurance on site according to German standards.

In addition, Aluso GmbH maintains warehouses at the respective locations so that projects in which aluminum profiles play a role can be implemented quickly and flexibly.


Alu profiles

The production of standard profiles is one thing, the development of customer-specific solutions is a completely different challenge.

However, Alusen goes one step further and offers its customers wide services in order to offer them precisely those aluminum profiles that are essential in the specific context. Regarding precise and high-quality profile machining, the machining techniques sawing, turning, drilling, milling and CNC machining are of particular importance. By these and many other processing steps, it is possible to manufacture aluminum profiles that satisfy the requirements in terms of shape and properties.



For surface finishing, either the powder coating process or the anodising process is used, in which the aluminum profiles are provided with an oxide protective layer, which makes them particularly resistant to wear and corrosion. In the course of the anodizing process, it is also possible to adjust the color of the profiles to almost all needs. If only the color appearance matters, the profiles can of course also be painted or foiled. Also beyond the processing options mentioned here, Alusen offers full support on the way to customer-specific aluminum profiles. Customers can rely on the support of an experienced team of engineers who reliably accompany the way to the finished profile.



We have always attached great importance to the quality of our products. By testing and inspecting our systems and the finished products, we can guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Thanks to many years of experience, we can already identify in the planning process which steps will be necessary and which factors we have to take into account.




Years of Experience

Aluminium profiles

Aluminum is used in various areas. We produce individual profiles for you – for construction, medicine, mechanical engineering and many other areas.

We plan and develop the projects together with you, implement them and deliver everything to you.

You need a personal contact person and are interested in the use of aluminum? Then take a look at our website for further information or simply contact us.

Surface finishing


Concerning aluminum profiles, in addition to the shape, it can also be important what properties the surface of a profile has and how it is designed.

We refine your aluminum profiles by painting, powder coating, foiling and anodizing. Please visit our website or contact us for more information.


Consulting & Planning

Do you need advice on which work steps are necessary to meet your requirements?
Starting with the planning of the project, we analyze your needs and develop a strategy together. We manufacture your tools and products and take care of the logistics.
Contact us and we will arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.




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